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North Moravian Law firm Jansa, Mokry, Otevrel & partners renders legal services to clients from Korea in connection with their activities in the Czech Republic.

These times, Korean clients of our law firm come to the Czech Republic in connection with investment project of Hyundai Motors Company in North Moravia region. We take care of big corporations, but also of small companies that established in Czech Republic as supporting suppliers. Our clients are also individuals that need assistance with their settlement in Czech (lease and purchase of house, obtaining labor permit, family visa, negotiation with local authority, etc.).

Our team of attorneys, lawyers and other legal specialists offers comprehensive legal service for starting business in the Czech Republic. Team has a many experience with requires Korean clients and we understand their wishes. We provide legal assistance in the field of commercial and corporate law, real estate and development law, employment law, tax law, etc.

Korean clients mostly require legal assistance in matters of:
- Set-up of a new company or a branch in the Czech Republic
- Employment relations and labor law
- Obtaining Work Permits and visas for Korean employees
- Purchase or lease of real estate (production premises, lands, living houses)
- Construction of industrial premises
- Legal relations with state authorities and business partners
- Tax and accounting

We also secure:
- Accommodation for employees
- Real Estate Agency services (purchase and rent of houses and apartments)
- Contacting with potential business partners and Chamber of Commerce
- Securing mobile telecommunication services
- Securing car rental

Why to cooperate with our law firm:
- Our lawyers are experienced specialists, with knowledge of foreign languages
- We have main office in Ostrava (Capital of North Moravia) so we are close to Hyundai Motor plant. But we also have a branch in Prague.
- Our fees are very competitive

Some facts:
- We already provided legal services to more than 15 Korean companies (Hyundai Rotem, Hyundai Heavy Industries etc.)
- More than 5 Czech companies owned by Korean investors have placed their official seat in the building owned by our law firm
- We have already secured Work Permits and / or Czech Visa for more than 120 Korean employees